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Daily Dozen Guide

This is the most helpful tool in the kitchen to get you in shape and finally break free of the restrictive mindset around food!

If you have ever wished for a rubric to follow to help you eat more plant-based or you just want to start eating more fruits and vegetables in a way that does not feel restrictive, this is the perfect guide!

Based on Dr. Michael Greger’s research and his bestselling book How Not to Die, the Daily Dozen Guide provides a breakdown of the food groups, servings, and serving sizes you should eat and partake in daily on a plant-based lifestyle. By using this guide, you will be able to eat more intentionally and focus on foods that nourish your body with energy!

Daily Dozen Guide

FREE 7-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan

I am so glad you have decided to take the next step towards a plant-based lifestyle! This 7-day meal plan is packed full of quick and delicious meals that will set you up for a successful week on your health journey! 

I have designed this meal plan based on scientific research to promote the consumption of key nutrients to support your optimal health.

By following this guide your body is going to feel more energetic so you’ll have the fuel to show up to the most important parts of your life!

2021 Wellness Challenge eBook

If you have ever thought to yourself that you could not eat plant-based because it is not sustainable or you would always be hungry – THIS CHALLENGE IS A MUST! Not only is this challenge based in scientific research, but it is the perfect tool to explore a plant-based lifestyle in a supportive way!

In this eBook you will have access to the Daily Dozen challenge, which incorporates the research by Dr. Michael Greger with my own spin! You will receive six delicious plant-based recipes that are EASY and come together quickly to ensure success. On top of that, the eBook includes a Habit Tracker and journal prompts to set you up for a successful exploration into a plant-based lifestyle!

I promise that by diving into this eBook and the challenge, your mind will be opened to how you can eat a plant-based lifestyle successfully and sustainably!

Welcome to the Daily Dozen Challenge
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