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One-on-one private coaching is the perfect way to achieve your health and nutrition goals! Through our coaching, you will have personalized guidance, accountability, goal setting, and breakthroughs with someone that is cheering you on and wants to see you succeed. This type of coaching is for you if you are ready to make POWERFUL changes in your life through mindset shifts in your relationship with food.

With the 1-on-1 coaching, you have the option to work with me for 2, 4, or 6 months at a time! Most research shows that it takes about 4-6 months to create lasting habit changes in your life, so I highly recommend that you evaluate your long term goals as you decide which time frame would fit best. If you are already plant-based and would like additional support for the short term, the 2-month option may be best. But if you are hoping to make a transition to 80-100% plant-based with a coach by your side, I highly recommend 4-6 months for us to work together to create true TRANSFORMATION in your life.

Through our coaching, we are going to dig deep. While we are going to discuss goals and plan for weekly accountability, we are also going to discuss your childhood and mindsets that may have created certain belief systems in your life. We will incorporate different exercises to pull in the life that you desire, beyond just your diet and food. My approach to nutrition coaching is holistic, and while it is based on science it is highly supplemented by spirituality and the law of attraction.

Are you ready for this type of change in your life?!

Let’s go!

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