6 Nonnegotiable's On Your Health Journey

  1. Weekly Goal Setting – Take time on either Sunday or Monday morning to think about 5-6 short term goals for yourself. These should be tasks related to health and never ever include weight. 
    • For me, this includes 20 minute workouts, taking my vitamins daily, a step count I want to hit each day and things like that

    • Monthly Accountability Calendar – This is a great tool to track workouts over a month. Go for a walk – track it. 20 minutes of moment – track it. I recommend you hang this where you can see it daily. Being able to look at a calendar and visibly see how you have showed up for yourself is so motivating!
  2. Smoothie In The AM – This is less about the smoothie and more about starting the day with the first decision made about food being healthy and reflecting the decisions you want to make the rest of the day. 

  3. 20 Minutes of Movement Daily – This is 20 minutes because it is hard to rationalize that we don’t have 20 minutes to spare for a workout.

  4. For me, this currently looks like a 20-30 minute strength workout from Peloton. By the time I get going and warm up I feel so good it is easier to stay longer.  

  5. Morning Meditation – If I had to say which habit I notice the most when I skip it, it is my morning meditation! Meditating each morning before you get out of bed can give you SO much more energy as you start your day. Seriously, try it. Go to YouTube and look around for morning meditations or full body scans. You may not love the first one but if you keep searching you will find one. I will include my favorite one here. 

  6. This is a great full body scan

  7. And this one makes me smile first thing each morning
  8. Daily gratitude journaling – Grab your coffee and make the first task you do each day a gratitude journaling practice. Life can get busy and stressful but when you start your day reflecting on everything you appreciate, that energy carries with you the rest of the day. 

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