5 Weight Loss Tips While Working From Home

1. Boundaries. This can be a difficult skill to practice, but it absolutely will impact your overall health. A few ideas for boundary setting could be:

      -Letting your coworkers know that you are committed to getting in 10K steps per day, and in order to achieve that, you will be going for a walk from 12-12:30PM. Let them know ahead of time and block off your calendar so everyone understands your boundary. This might feel scary at first, but you may also become a leader in your workforce by practicing healthy boundaries. Who knows, you may even find that your coworkers follow your lead and start to do the same!

       -Let your coworkers know that you sign off at 6pm so that you are able to get in a walk before the sun goes day. You can quickly log on afterwards if necessary, but it is perfectly fine to set healthy boundaries like that while we are all working from home (or sleeping at work).

2. Meal plan. This might sound obvious, but downloading a meal plan from online or sitting down on Sunday and building one out yourself can be hugely impactful! Meal plans help to remove the decision fatigue that we experience every single day. (If you are making one yourself, I encourage you to build out snacks as well as each meal.) If you grocery shop according to the meal plan, you are setting yourself up for a successful week where you can continue on your successful health journey. (If you are looking for a plant-based meal plan – go download my FREE download here). 

3. Wake up early. For many of us COVID19 has removed our typical commute time but rather than spend that extra hour or so each morning in bed, what about getting up early, meditating, dreaming about your goals and dreams, and going for a long walk? By waking up early you can get in a few thousand steps before you even log on in the morning!

4. Invest in a stationary bike or treadmill. Now, I am not saying you need a Peloton or the top of the line equipment. But if you are going to be at home all day long and expected to sit at a desk for 8-10 hours, having a machine that will allow you to get steps in can create a big payoff on your step counts. I actually invested in a $380 stationary bike and it was one of the best investments I made this year!  Bike linked here. By promising yourself that when you are not leading a call, you will be moving on the machine, you can easily take a day from 6k steps to 12k without even trying.

5. A standing desk. This makes a big difference! I like to set a timer for when I can sit and stand to ensure I am not sitting for 9 hours straight through a work day.  

PS- did you know that health officials have deemed a sedentary lifestyle as harmful as smoking cigarettes? It’s true! 

I hope these tips are helpful! Please comment below if you have any additional weight loss tips for working professionals!

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